Meet Ronnie Raccoon!

Han is here to teach children aged 6 to 8 to wash their hands. All by themselves. After playing outside, when they’ve made them a bit dirty and especially after they’ve been to the bathroom. Because: the younger you learn to do this, the easier it is to keep up for the rest of your life.

GoViralGo makes teaching materials for elementary schools, where Ronnie Raccoon is the central character. He’s on posters, colouring sheets and other hand-out materials that not only teach children that they should wash their hands, but also how best to go about it.

And, to make this as easy as possible, there is even a superfun song that’s very easy to sing along, that contains all the important steps:

About Ronnie:

Out of all the forest animals, Ronnie has the prettiest and strongest hands, with which he can do many things. He digs and rummages and grabs his food; delicious nuts and fruits that are hidden in hard to reach places. It’s all is a game to him!

Ronnie Raccoon is incredibly smart, but must also get his hands dirty. Fortunately, he always washes them afterwards. After he’s been digging, after grabbing stuff and after peeing.